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What is Skin Condition?

The best thing we always do to our skin is to take care of it in the best way we can. However, there are things we cannot control like aging, wrinkles, clogged pores, and other skin condition. We must be careful in everything we put or apply to our body so that we can avoid skin damage.

What is Skin?

The skin is the most important part of our body that can protect us from any harmful bacteria that come along inside the body. Our skin health is one thing that we always protect from all the bacteria and many viruses because our skin is the one that exposes to our daily life.

We always manage to have a healthy skin because our skin is the first thing that can see us especially our appearance. One of the things we need to avoid our skin is the sunlight because it causes too much damage to our skin.

What is Skin Condition?

A skin condition is described as anything that your skin irritates, burning, swelling and can cause redness and itching. Skin condition is something that can damage our skin appearance. It is also called a skin disease, skin disorder, or skin problem. A skin condition is the breakdown of the cell layer in the epidermis. It is also an increase of production of melanin in the skin.

A skin condition is also characterized by abnormal skin tiny red patches. It is also a form of a lot of sebaceous glands that can lead to the oily skin condition. The skin condition can also be a discoloration of the skin. It can also be the result of the damage to skin texture and uneven skin tone of the skin.

What are the Types of Skin Condition?

Skin disorder can differ in symptoms and how severe it is. They can be classified as temporary or permanent, it can also be painless or painful. In addition, there are minor and others can be lethal.

Here’s a list of some common skin conditions:

  • Skin Irritation
  • Swelling and Redness
  • Skin Rashes
  • Dermatitis and eczema
  • Itchy skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Warts and verrucas
  • Skin infection
  • Skin Aging
  • Acne and oily skin
  • Skin Cancer
  • Inflammatory skin

Cause of Skin Condition

Some skin condition may cause any harmful bacteria that may lead to skin damage. Other may cause genetic and other may cause by situation or puberty. However skin condition may experience by children especially those infants and toddler because of using diaper, they lead to rashes and can be a skin problem. There are many skin problem with the children like diaper rash, chicken pox, measles, warts, hives, ringworm and other skin allergies.

Other skin condition may cause overexposure to sunlight that can lead to cancer skin or other skin diseases. Some example of overexposure to sunlight that causes skin condition are wrinkles, sunburn, rashes, and actinic keratosis.  Other may causes fungus and other microorganisms living on the skin and can trigger skin disorder.

Skin condition may also cause if the immune system becomes weak and if your skin becomes unhealthy some viruses can enter easily and may lead to trigger skin condition.

Furthermore, pregnancy can also cause skin condition because of the hormonal change it may get worse. Some skin condition that may lead to those pregnant women is a stretch mark, melasma, dermatitis, and papules.

Stress can also cause skin condition because of the unbalance production of hormones that can trigger skin disorder. Some example of skin condition that causes stress are eczema, psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, hives, and hemangiomas.

Poor sleep can also cause skin condition because it increases the production of hormones that can lead to too much stress. Increase in hormones can also trigger inflammatory skin condition. Not having enough sleep can worsen skin condition and other skin disorder. It can increase the level of collagen to break down and increase the capability to produce more molecules that give the skin its softness and its glow.

How to Prevent Skin Condition

Prevention is better than cure. The first thing you need to do is, you need to know how to prevent your skin from harmful infections like skin conditions also known as skin disease. Here is some advice to help you avoid those kinds of skin condition.

  • To prevent skin condition first and foremost is to maintain the cleanliness of your skin. Wash your skin with a light soap and wash it twice a day especially before you go to sleep make sure that your whole body is clean and refresh.
  • Avoid over exposure to sunlight in a long period of time. Wear sun glasses to protect your eyes from direct sunlight. Also, you can wear long sleeve if you stay longer in sunlight to avoid skin disease. When going outside make sure to use SPF or sunscreen to avoid sun damage.
  • Always protect your self from another harsh chemical that is not good for your skin. Also, avoid yourself to have direct interaction with that person who has skin infection or another skin disease that can be transferred to you.
  • Live a healthy life and eat a healthy food to prevent skin condition. It also best if we eat diet food that good for the health to have a healthy skin and a strong body. Nutritious food can be a big help to our skin to have a smooth a beautiful skin.
  • Have enough sleep to prevent skin condition. Enough sleep can benefit your body to have a strong and healthy body. It gives you a better mood if you have enough sleep, clear mind, and strong immunity. It also lessens the chance to have stress because having enough sleep can relax your mind and your soul. It also helps your skin to have a younger looking and a fresh skin.
  • Drink a lot of water to prevent skin condition. Drinking water at least 8 glass every day can help your skin and body to become healthy. It keeps you hydrated and give your skin a glowing skin and have a radiant skin. It also lessens the chance of any skin problem like acne, dry skin, wrinkles, and clog pores.
  • Using moisturizer can prevent your skin condition. Applying moisturizer to your skin can help your skin to hydrates and keep the moisture in your skin. Moisturizer can also prevent dullness and flaky skin. Using moisturizer can lessen the chance to have a dry skin, oily skin, acne skin, and minimize aging. It also helps to have a better skin appearance and skin tone texture.
  • Avoid too much stress to prevent skin condition. Having too much stress has a lot of cause that damage not only your skin appearance but also your body health issue. Too much stress can lead to many skin disorder and have a risk to lower your immune system and increase your blood pressure.

Natural Home Remedies to Treat Skin Condition

Treating your wound and infections with natural ingredients can make a huge impact. It can be a less hassle approach and help you feel better with the help of some ingredients that you can find at home. Here’s a list of some easy home remedy to treat your skin condition.

  • Skin condition like acne can be treated by baking soda. Use baking soda with water, mix it and apply it to the face with cotton balls spread it in all affected area. You can leave it for 20 minutes then wash it with warm water. You can also use tomato pulp for acne treatment it is good to help unclog pores and can prevent acne skin.
  • Honey and egg can also be good as home remedies for the skin condition. Mix egg white and honey then apply it to the face in 20 minutes. Wash it with warm water. Best result use it twice a week to help skin condition lessen.
  • Lemon juice can also help to treat the skin condition. Because lemon juice has an antioxidant ingredient that minimizes skin damage. Use lemon juice with cotton ball apply it to the face and gently massage it all over the face. Leave it 20 to 30 minutes and wash it with warm water.
  • Sugar can also help to treat skin condition or lessen the chance to have the skin problem. You can use sugar as a facial scrub. It is good for exfoliation to keep skin softer and smoother. Because sugar has a natural humectants properties that can hydrates skin and give moisture to the skin.
  • Potato juice is also good to treat skin condition because it has nutrients, vitamin B, C, potassium, calcium, and iron. Potato juice can boost the immune system and help to improve blood circulation. It also good to hydrates skin, can blemish skin, can reduce anti-aging, and treat eczema. Use slice potato and put it gently in the affected area leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it with warm water.
  • Oatmeal can also help skin condition to treat because oatmeal has a humectant property that can moisturize skin. Also, oatmeal can lessen acne skin and can wash away dirt skin. It also best to use for exfoliation and fight wrinkles. Oatmeal is good for hand scrub, bath soak, and for a cleanser. It can also use for face mask, skin reliever and hydration. Oatmeal can also fight anti-aging, itchy skin, and can lessen sunburn.
  • Apple cider vinegar can treat skin condition because it has antifungal and antiseptic properties. Apple cider vinegar can heal sunburn, minimize fine lines, and can sooth skin. It is good to use as a facial toner to treat acne skin. Apple cider vinegar can also treat skin condition like itchy skin, dry skin, and for those who suffer allergies. In the other hand, apple cider vinegar can treat many skin infection like folliculitis, cold sores, ringworm, athletes foot, and impetigo. Apple cider vinegar can also good for the body like it treat diarrhea and it helps to improve the varicose veins appearance. Apple cider vinegar has also an anti-inflammatory agent and good for exfoliation.


You should now know how to manage and prevent these kinds of skin diseases. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having a proper hygiene is a must to prevent skin disease. You should always keep your body healthy and clean. Make sure to avoid any harmful habits that may affect and lead to skin disease.

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