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What is Sensitive Skin and their Symptoms?

Sensitive skin has many factors and symptoms it means that if your skin is irritated, suffer from discoloration with dark patches, redness, itchy skin and allergic to many different kinds of moisturizer products your skin is sensitive. Sensitive skin means the development of erythema and abnormal stinging, burning, and tingling feeling.

Sensitive skin needs moisturizer and a lot of care especially our face. It is our face that directly exposes to the sun and maybe the source of dryness and irritation. Having sensitive skin is very difficult to maintain. We must be careful about choosing the product we apply on our skin if we have sensitive skin. We must know the symptoms and prevention and greater understanding of sensitive skin.


What is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is defined as a number of terrible sensations of varying intensity that are passing in nature. Most women got more sensitive skin when they getting old. Men can also expose to have a sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin can influence all types of skin.  Having sensitive skin can be the result of the climate change or an environment we have. However all skin is unique and what can cause to the sensitive skin of a person may be different to another person, even if they belong to the same environment or group of the population.

Dermatologist know when we have sensitive skin.

Ask for a dermatologist and seek advice. Sensitive skin needs to be check by the dermatologist, it is the best way and the best advice of many women to their friends that have sensitive skin. You can also know if you have sensitive skin if you feel that your skin is irritated too many products that you use. The dermatologist also finds out what kind of skin we have and tell us how we can treat or teach us some procedure how to take good care of the skin.

The dermatologist has many definitions for sensitive skin, it’s a tremendous variety of symptoms and underlying causes, it also represents by a tendency to turn into an inflamed or irritated skin.

Symptoms of Sensitive Skin

  • When we let our self-expose to the sun in a long time that is the time that our skin can be sensitive. Using sunscreen can be a little help for those who suffer from a sensitive skin.
  • If we see the sign of redness and dryness on our skin that the start that we can have a sensitive skin
  • Sensitive skin can be known if the response of the skin is allergic and irritable.
  • Sensitive skin may happen when our body is dehydrated and the amount of moisture is no longer sufficient.
  • Having tiny red pimples can be the symptoms of sensitive skin. Also when the skin becomes red and hot that cause too much emotion it can become sensitive skin.
  • When we get older that’s the time the problem will come because our skin will be prone to become more sensitive unlike when we are young.
  • If you have experience pustules, skin bumps, and erosion of the skin that is the time-sensitive skin attack.
  • Allergies from different reason like using moisturizer, the food you take, and sun exposure can affect to facial skin and can be sensitive, it contains Polymorphic Light Eruptions (PLE) caused by UV radiation

What is Polymorphic Light Eruption?

Polymorphic Light Eruption (PLE) is usually known as photodermatosis or a skin condition that is active when you always exposure to UV radiation. The result of UV radiation will suddenly appear after one or two days because sun exposure can outbreak pustules.

Causes of having sensitive skin

1. Lack of Water

We can have sensitive skin if we don’t drink enough water, it dehydrates the skin and become dry. The skin is more sensitive if we let our self-lessen the water we take in our body.

Drinking not enough water it can dehydrate our skin and may promote skin from becoming sensitive, dry, tight and flaky.

Water is important to our body we need to drink 8 glass of water to stay us hydrated. It also helps to get rid the body and skin toxins.

Not having enough of water from the skin is called transepidermal water loss. The best way to keep our body hydrated is to lessen water loss.

How to lessen water loss:

  • We should need to help our skin hold onto water with humectant ingredients

The Humectant is water that strongly holds substance that absorbs or keep moisture. It helps the skin to engage and hold to water, which keeps the skin moist longer.

  • We should stop water evaporation with occlusive ingredients

Occlusive is a substance that locks the moisture in by minimizing down the reduction of water through evaporation. They close the passing of the water out of the skin and they block things on the external side from coming in.

2. Hormones

All women will encounter menopausal and menstruation that is the hormonal change and may cause skin problem. Pregnancy cycle can affect the skin condition. Melasma can also affect the skin pigmentation because of its hormonal changes.


Hormones have many factors :

Estrogen. Estrogen is not only for female hormones but also found in the male. Estrogen is a combination of many chemical and not only a single substance. It contains estradiol, the most existing quantities that found in adult females, estriol the main estrogen during pregnancy and estrone which construct through menopause stage.

Estrogen influence skin thickness, wrinkles information, and skin moisture. It can make a greater amount of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), like Hyaluronic Acid, it keeps the quality and structural integrity.  Estrogen can also high in collagen production, that retain epidermal thickness and enable skin to remain plump, hydrated and wrinkles free.

Testosterone. Testosterone is the head male sex hormones. It can build skin aging because of testosterone. Testosterone may high in androgen levels and can produce hair loss in a female. In mature people, the estrogen-androgen ratio change into unbalanced and the menopause stage can be complicated.

Women may encounter more oiliness and acne prone to the skin when hormones become unbalance through menstruation and menopause because the androgen is involved in the skin production.

Thyroid Hormones. The thyroid gland has two types of hormones that can influence metabolism, brain development, breathing, body temperature, muscles strength, skin dryness, menstrual cycle and cholesterol level.

3. Lack of sleep and over stress

When we don’t have enough sleep, stress may be a trigger and sensitive skin may appear. If your sleeping habits decrease your immune system will not able to produce well and properly.

Lack of sleep and sleep disorder can bring out into depression. Depression that can be formed into stress. Insomnia can also be formed into depression. Having not enough sleep may cause aging and puffy eyes.

Sleep loss can also cause dullness of the skin it also includes fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. Our body releases more hormones if we don’t have enough sleep. It can also malfunction the skin collagen. Collagen is the protein that maintains the skin smooth and elastic.

Having good sleep can bring back the chemical balance and our immune system will produce properly and it has an infection-fighting substance like cytokines. Enough and have better sleep can relax our body and the respiratory system goes very well.

4. Poor nutrition and low hydration levels

Eating food without proper nutrition can help us lay down our body level. Low hydration levels also cause sensitive skin. There are a lot of foods that can possibly expose to have sensitive skin to be at risk. Lack of nutrition in our body internal and external can be result of dry, flaky skin, dull and cracking skin.

Insufficient diet can also show the appearance of face suffering. Drinking a lot of alcohol can be triggered by sensitive skin, which also causes skin dehydration. If the skin dehydrates the fine lines and wrinkles of the skin will become worse. Alcohol also minimizes the low speed of the enzyme that the body uses to fight inflammation.

Not having enough of antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E will make skin more prone to free radical damage from the environment. Free radical are unpaired molecules that damage skin. The antioxidant can manage oil production of the skin and keep cell damage. It produces more collagen and renews cell grow more. If you have more vitamin E it can protect the skin cell from the sun UV rays and damage.

Here is some poor diet that affects our face:

  • Drinking too much alcohol that can form into red dehydration of the skin
  • Eating  too much cereal grains and wheat that can lead to blemished skin
  • Eating too much food containing milk that can promote pale cheeks and under eye area.
  • Too much sugar that we take can disperse the skin from discolored

5. Genetics

Having sensitive skin and other skin diseases are conditioned that run in the families and we can inherit it from them, like example eczema, acne, and rosacea. If you born with a sensitive skin you inherit it to your parents or grandparents that they also have since birth.

Genetically you inherit sensitive skin if you are born with sensitive skin and it tends to prone to blushing, allergies, and asthma.

6. Using different product

When using different kinds of product you can have the possibility of burning and stinging and can be the result of redness and allergy of the skin.

Irritation of the skin can cause by using skin care or many cosmetics products. Your skin remains to be more sensitive if you use many products with different ingredients. If you see that your skin is allergic to the product that you apply it is better to stop using it and ask for dermatologist what good for your skin type.

7. Direct exposure to the sun

Staying longer in the sunlight exposure or UV rays can cause the skin sensitive, it is dangerous for the skin and can be prone to disease. Sunlight can be more harmful to our skin if we let our self overexpose to UV rays and can also cause premature aging.

The longer time we expose our skin to sunlight can generate highly reactive free radicals. Free radicals can cause cell injury the more damage to the skin the higher the chance of developing wrinkles, dryness that may cause sensitive skin.

Using sunscreen and sun protection can avoid your skin from any harmful chemical.


8. Smoking

Smoking is dangerous to our health that exactly the number one reason why we should not smoke. Also, smoking can be the source of having sensitive skin. If we smoke it harm the collagen and elastin in the skin. It slows the blood flow and depletes skin oxygen and nutrient. Cigarette smoking diminishes many nutrients, including vitamin c, which helps to protect and good in repairing skin damage.

Smoking can damage your look and appearance. It causes premature aging and wrinkles. It also adds age when you smoke because the natural glow of the skin is gone.

Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, which replaces the oxygen in the skin, and nicotine which reduce blood flow that causes dry skin and discolored. When we smoking we are at risk to have cancer in the skin.

How to prevent sensitive skin

  • First, is using moisturizer. When using moisturizer product we can help our skin to resist from irritation, dryness, and moisturizer product can give gentle, smooth and freshness feeling. Using a moisturizer product that has soothing ingredients like aloe, jojoba, or chamomile is advisable for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic products also good to use for sensitive skin because it contains fewer ingredients that usually cause allergic reaction of the skin.
  • Our skin needs to be cleaned every now and then, it’s a must that we need to do to our daily routine. Most of us wash it twice a day with the use of soap-free cleanser with a mild ingredient so that sensitive skin may not be irritated. Exfoliation is very important too because it can help our dead skin cell to remove. It’s better and effective to exfoliate after cleaning or washing your face to enhance our skin texture.
  • Do not use a harsh chemical to your skin and avoid using skin care products that have alcohol ingredients, harsh exfoliants, sodium lauryl sulfate chemicals, petrochemicals acid, coloring agents or any synthetic fragrances because these chemicals can irritate the skin.
  • Use natural or organic product as an alternative for a moisturizer because it has a gentle effect on a sensitive skin, for example, green tea, it is good for sensitive skin because it keeps from harmful free radical and it is filled with many antioxidant.
  • Using the right moisturizer is better for any types of the skin. Like moisturizer with coconut oil, it is good for sensitive skin. It filled with a fatty acid that keeps skin well moisturized and prevents dryness. Coconut oil can protect the skin from sun damage.
  • Do not use products that contain antibacterial or deodorant ingredients, also make sure that the moisturizer you use will not contain retinoids or alpha-hydroxy acid.

Benefits using moisturizer to sensitive skin

  • Moisturizer with antioxidant and natural ingredients can replenish and improve skin health condition.
  • Moisturizer product with formulated ingredient is better to use for sensitive skin. Also using the right moisturizer and the right application of moisturizer will help the skin to reduce aging and fine lines.
  • Using the right moisturizer for sensitive skin can reduce the redness and dryness of the skin it also protects from damage.
  • When using moisturizer you can feel that your skin is soft and you can also see the improvement in your skin tone and texture.
  • Applying moisturizer in the right way can help hydration of the skin, it also prevents flaking and dullness, and moisturizer can protect the layer of moisture that lasts all day.
  • Moisturizer with humectants ingredients is very important for a long period of moisturization.
  • Using a moisturizer that has SPF products can protect the skin from sun damage and may protect you from having a  skin cancer.
  • Moisturizer is more beneficial if you apply it when your skin is clean and fresh. It will help to secure the moisture into the skin that improves the appearance of the skin.


Recommended Products For Sensitive Skin

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