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Difference Between Day and Night Moisturizer

Moisturizer every day is important for the skin. We need a moisturizer to help our skin healthy and hydrated. Why should we use moisturizer for daytime and why should we need to moisturizer also at night time.

Moisturizer for daytime is a big help for the skin. Also using moisturizer in the evening is important for the skin. But first, we must know what type of skin do we have before applying any moisturizer to our skin. Moisturizer really helps our skin to remain our skin young and healthy.

Moisturizer for Day Time

Moisturizer for Day Time
Moisturizer at day time must contain SPF protection against the environment and sun light. Like direct sun exposure or UV rays, you need sunscreen protection for the skin. Using moisturizer product that has vitamin C or ascorbic acid and vitamin E or alpha tocopherol and green tea is a big help the skin from UV ray and keep our skin safe from irritation.

Also, using a moisturizer for daytime should contain antioxidants ingredients because it helps to protect our skin from any harmful bacteria and environmental pollution.

Using moisturizer will benefit our skin because it left our skin to have a smooth and soft skin.

What is Antioxidant

An antioxidant is very important to the skin. It protects and keep the skin from many damages and enhance the appearance of the skin. It also helps to lessen the sign of aging.

The Antioxidant has many benefits it includes:

  • Anti-inflammation
  • Skin firming
  • Reduce appearance of wrinkles
  • Scar treatment
  • Repair of sun damage

When using moisturizer in the morning it is better if it contain antioxidant because moisturizer with an antioxidant can secure our skin from exposing to the sun and other harmful elements. It helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Moisturizer for Night Time

Moisturizer for Night Time
Using a moisturizer before going to sleep is also important it cleanse all the dirt in the skin and leave moisture to the skin. However, our skin needs to relax after a long day of struggling with many harmful bacteria that the skin encounter every day and there is moisturizer product that fits for night use only.

Moreover, there is moisturizer product that bests for dry and sensitive skin like a thicker moisturizer product. It is used in the evening to have more time to absorb the thickness of moisturizer. A moisturizer product that contains hypoallergenic and fragrance-free is dermatologist recommended for those who encounter sensitive skin.

Using exfoliation is also needed before going to sleep to clean the skin. It makes the skin grow faster to renew all the skin cell that cause damage to the day while you sleep. Using exfoliation or washing your face before going to sleep can be an advantage to have a healthy and smooth skin. We should be put it into our daily routine.

Using moisturizer product that has the ingredients of retinol or glycolic is best to apply in the evening. Night time moisturizer that contains high ingredients and can absorb slowly is good to apply in the evening like hyaluronic acid and retinol, these ingredients may be best and able to work in the night without influence from sunscreen.

Difference of Day Time and Night Time  Moisturizer

Importance of Moisturizer at Day Time and Night Time
Moisturizer product for night time must contain richer, thicker, and heavier ingredients than day time moisturizer.

Daytime moisturizer must contain mild ingredients that include licorice, koji and vitamin C, arbutin and sunscreen with SPF. All these ingredients can help to protect against sun damage and aging. However the difference in night time moisturizer it contains retinol and thicker ingredients that move into deep areas of the skin through very long sleeping hours. Night creams are the best use of anti-aging and a rejuvenating skin cell.

The difference between moisturizer night cream is richer in texture that contains higher ingredients, while moisturizer day cream has antioxidant, vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin A that protect the skin from sunlight and it also help the skin to fix some damage that came from many harmful bacteria through outdoor activities.

Above all what we really need is both moisturizers for daytime and moisturizers for night time. Because moisturizer for daytime will prevent the skin from a dark spot, wrinkles, and from sunlight, while moisturizer for night time will minimize the lines and wrinkles, it renews the dead skin cell and lightens the skin. It also helps to fix all necessary damage that came from day to day routine through the use of moisturizer night product.

Importance of Moisturizer at Day Time and Night Time

Moisturizer is important in our daily routine. It gives smooth, soft, healthy skin, and younger looking through moisturizer.

Moisturizer every day and every night would give our skin a healthy and beautiful skin. If stay the natural look of freshness and it gives the feeling of being young.

  • Using moisturizer product will benefit our skin in so many ways it includes having a smooth and glowing skin.
  • Using moisturizer is good to our skin and make our skin more protected in many bacteria that cause from our day to day routine, like it helps to protect us from sun damage and the risk of having a skin diseases.
  • It’s also our advantage if we use moisturizer for daytime and moisturizer for night time because it will secure our skin away from irritation. And it will give moisture to our skin if we both use night and day moisturizer.
  • Using moisturizer will minimize skin problem and many skin condition like eczema, itching, psoriasis and many more.
  • Moisturizer every day can  lessen and hides some areas of the skin blemishes.
  • Moisturizer has the ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles skin.
  • Using moisturizer regularly is good for the skin because it helps to protect our skin from acne prone and premature aging..
  • Moisturizer product that has vitamin A and vitamin B5 will give us more moisture level and provide us to have a firmness look.

Benefits of Moisturizer for Day Time and Night Time

Using moisturizer daytime and night time has many benefits to our skin. It can manage all types of the skin and can even give us a purpose on how to have a beautiful and healthy skin. All we need is to have a deeper knowledge of how, what, where and when to use a moisturizer. Here are some benefits of moisturizer to our skin.

  • Moisturizer is usable in all types of skin from dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, acne skin, and combination skin.
  • Moisturizer is beneficial to our skin because it can boost our skin tone and texture.
  • The moisturizer has the ability to support the outer layer of the skin and supply the barrier of the skin.
  • Moisturizer product can help and avoid the skin from damage because of the ingredients that moisturizer have.
  • Benefits of moisturizer product to our skin can help to balance the skin production and keep the skin calm.
  • Using moisturizer day and night in a right way can protect the skin from aging
  • Moisturizer also beneficial to our skin because of its ingredient that can generate and protect the layer of moisture that can last throughout the day
  • Moisturizer is not only for women but of course it can also use by men. Because using moisturizer will help and maintain our skin to become more healthy and smooth. And all of us wants that kind of skin even if your men or women.
  • Using moisturizer is not just you want it but what our skin needed it especially it’s not just easy to apply any type of moisturizer to our skin but make sure to use the moisturizer that fits for your skin types.

Reasons Why You Should be Moisturizing

  • When we don’t use moisturizer on our skin it will increase the level of oil in our skin or better yet we will have so much dry skin.
  • Another factor that we encounter if we don’t use moisturizer it develops faster the wrinkles in our skin.
  • Not applying moisturizer to our face will cause irritation and itchiness of the skin
  • Our skin will look dehydrated every time because of lack of moisture that our skin has.
  • Our skin layer will lose protection and it can be at risk if we don’t use moisturizer.
  • Not using moisturizer will give problem to have a skin disease and skin condition.
  •  Lack of moisturizer to our skin may eventually control the balance of the production of collagen in our skin
  • If we don’t use moisturizer our skin will damage and can be more sensitive to any harmful bacteria. Because our skin is not protected and our skin can easily clog pores and the acne may build more and more.


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