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Benefits Using Exfoliation

Benefits Using Exfoliation

Exfoliation is good for the skin it helps to improve the balance of production of the skin cell. Exfoliation makes the skin smooth and healthy. Exfoliation can greatly benefit your skin’s texture and appearance than using soap and water alone

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What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cell. Exfoliation can help the skin to renew from its roughness its not only for the face but for the whole body to exfoliate. It is good for the whole body to exfoliate because it helps our body to become healthy and smooth. Exfoliation can increase blood circulation and help the skin to stay healthy and glowing skin.

Cleansing and exfoliating is different but they all needed to reduce pores, lines, and wrinkles. Cleansing or washing our face is our daily routine to lessen the dirt in our face but we need also to exfoliate to remove all superficial layers of dead skin.


The Importance of Exfoliation

  • Exfoliation helps to improve the skin cell.
  • It reduces the dullness and dryness of the skin
  • Exfoliation can prevent the skin from clogging and reduce the increase of wrinkles.
  • Exfoliation helps to expose the glowy of the skin.
  • Exfoliation can prevent dehydration of the skin.
  • Exfoliation can clean the skin into the deepest part area
  • Exfoliation can protect the skin from damage

Two Types of Exfoliation

Mechanical exfoliation

Mechanical exfoliation is the process of physical scrubbing. It is used through facial scrub with microfiber cloths, adhesive,micro-bead facial scrub, sugar or salt.

The product of mechanical exfoliation that is used is granular substances, gritty, suspended in a cream, lotion, gel, that manually scrubs. Granules contain oatmeal, polyethylene beads, salt, calcium carbonate, dimethicone polymers or tiny crystal particles are used for exfoliation.

Microdermabrasion is also mechanical exfoliation, which licensed professional are basically scrub your skin. This is ideal for those with scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

Chemical exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation cleans the skin into the deepest area of it. It provides a healthy skin with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that help to exfoliate and beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that clean all the excess dirt and impurities.

Chemical exfoliation penetrates the upper layer of the skin to remove dead surface of the skin cell. There are three types of chemical exfoliation

  • The leave on gel. These exfoliate the skin through alpha hydroxy acid that includes glycolic and multi fruits acid.
  • The under eye exfoliant. It is use to target crows or dark spot on the eyes. It is designed under the skin eyes. Quick refiner for eyes.
  • The 15 minutes purge mask. The facial mask Kerofole reveals fresh, radiant skin, that helps of citric and malic acids.

Peels are chemical exfoliation it is great to lighten the skin.


Benefits of Exfoliation

  • It nourishes your skin cell and make it new again
  • It penetrates the other skin care product to cleanse the deeper layer of the skin
  • It improves the texture of your skin
  • It brightens the complexion of the skin
  • Detoxification of the skin
  • It reduces breakouts
  • It remove red spots and dark spots
  • It blemish the skin appearance

Ways to Exfoliate

  • Exfoliation can be used twice a week to remove all dead skin cell. It is not possible to use it every day because it will damage your skin.
  • Exfoliate your skin with the mild cleanser that does not irritate your skin especially for sensitive skin.
  • Exfoliate your skin using scrub (body scrub) that contains pits, sugar, salt or another natural exfoliating substance
  • Exfoliate your skin using a glycolic mask with the mild acid that contains alpha-hydroxy acid and beta-hydroxy acid.
  • Exfoliate your oil skin with gentle facial scrub and acid pads to remove excess oil on your skin
  • Apply moisturizer after exfoliation and apply sunscreen moisturizer.


Natural Remedies of Exfoliation

Honey. Honey has a humectant qualities which gives moisture to the skin. It is great as a hydrating facial scrub.

How to use honey and baking soda mask and scrub for exfoliation:

  • Mix honey and baking soda.  Apply the mixture honey and baking soda to the face.
  • Massage the mixture honey and baking soda to the face
  • Leave at least 10 to 15 minutes
  • Wash you face with warm water after you scrub

Sugar. Sugar has a source of glycolic acid with alpha hydroxy that can help the skin cell production to become smooth and soft. Sugar can also help the skin to penetrate deeply and hydrate longer. It removes the dirt and oils of the skin.

How to use a sugar scrub and olive oil for exfoliation:

  • Mix sugar with olive oil
  • Apply it to the face and rinse it well
  • Scrub it to all areas of the face
  • Wash it with warm water and pat it dry with your soft towel

Papaya. Papaya contains enzyme papain, which removes dead skin cell. It also contains vitamin A with antioxidant the minimize fine lines.

How to use papaya scrub:

  • Remove the seeds of papaya fruit.
  • Gently rub papaya until it became paste
  • Apply papaya mask to your face and scrub it in all areas of the skin.
  • Leave it for only five to ten minutes
  • Wash it with warm water to feel the gentle smooth skin

Lemon Juice. Lemon juice contains alpha hydroxy acid that also helps to remove dead skin cell. It also helps to exfoliate the skin because it contains vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that removes dark spot. Lemon juice also good for the body it helps to aids in digestion and detoxification. It produce collagen that essential to the skin to become smooth and reduce fine lines.

How to use lemon juice with sugar to face scrub:

  • Mix lemon juice and sugar
  • Scrub it gently to the face with circular motions
  • Leave it at least 15 minutes
  • Rinse it with cold water and pat it dry


Coconut oil. Coconut oil is great exfoliation, it nourishes and energizes skin cell. It can stimulate your body healing and repair your skin shed that is rough, dull and uneven.

How to use coconut oil for facial exfoliation:

  • Wet your wash face towel cloth with warm water
  • Put the wet face towel to your face to open the pores
  • Apply coconut oil to your face using your wet face towel.
  • Gently rub your face using coconut oil
  • Rinse and pat it dry
  • Coconut oil can be your facial moisturizer

Oatmeal. Oatmeal is for sensitive skin if it is used to exfoliate. It contains anti-inflammatory, vitamins, mineral and lipids. It provides moisture to the skin condition. It helps to rejuvenate and soothe dry and itchy skin.

How to use oatmeal for exfoliation:

  • Mix oatmeal with a little bit of warm water, wait until it becomes soft
  • Gently scrub oatmeal and massage it to your face
  • Leave it until 15 minutes
  • Rinse it with warm water and after that wash it again with cold water to close the pores.

Baking Soda. Baking soda is one of the easy way and inexpensive natural way for exfoliation. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, a natural substance and alkaline substance. Alkaline substance has antibacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Baking soda is effective when used it for a short time, because over used it will damage the skin.

How to use baking soda for exfoliation:

  • Use 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda with a drop of water
  • Mix baking soda, water and your favorite essential oil
  • Apply it to the face with circular motion in all area except to the eye area
  • Gently exfoliate it to 3 minutes
  • Oily skin can use baking soda and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Dryer skin can use baking soda with the mix of coconut oil and leave it 5 minutes. They can use it once a week
  • Wash the skin with warm water
  • Pat it dry with clean towel

Avocado. Avocado has effective ingredients that smooth and moisturize dry skin.  Avocado is rich in vitamin A, minerals, and lecithin that help to restore the skin back to health.

Cacao. Cacao is powerful anti aging antioxidant.

How to use avocado and cacao for exfoliation:

  • Clean your face before applying any natural products.
  • Mask avocado together with cacao powder and add one tablespoon of honey
  • Blend it and put it to the face
  • Leave it at least 20 minutes
  • Wash it with warm water and pat it dry

Best way to exfoliate

Exfoliation is used for the skin to remove the barrier of dead skin. But the best way to exfoliate is depend on what types of skin and what kind of skin do we have.

According to dermatologist exfoliation can also damage our skin if we don’t use it in the right way. Some people don’t know were or when to exfoliate that’s why their skin will fall in from clogging, redness, and irritation.

Manual exfoliation can be use with smooth, round granules rather than jagged, rough things to avoid your skin to be injured.

Regular exfoliation can help the skin to become healthy, and shinning skin. It keeps the skin looking fresh.












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