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How to Maintain our Skin Smooth and Healthy

Using moisturizer makes our skin smooth and healthy, most women want their skin to look young and silky. It is important that we have a healthy body to maintain our skin smooth and soft.

A healthy lifestyle and good caring to our skin make the best result on our skin. It shows how we take care of our self and our goal is to look young and have a flawless skin.

There are many types of skin we should know first what kind of skin we have so that we can start properly the right treatment to our skin. We can seek advice to dermatologist what best for our skin.

Ways to maintain our skin smooth and healthy.

1. Always Clean and exfoliate our skin

Washing our face every day is important it helps to clean the dirt, oil, bacteria and dead skin. Using a gentle cleanser will not irritate the skin texture it is the best way to use rather than using strong soap or scrub it harder. Using cleanser help to maintain the smoothness and softness of the skin with the help of exfoliation. Because exfoliation can eliminate the dullness and can keep away the breakouts of the skin.

2. Apply moisturize regularly 

Using moisturizer night and day can soften the skin and it can minimize the damage of skin. Moisturizer product has ingredients that can protect the barrier of the skin to secure the moisture in our skin. 

3. Getting enough sleep 

Have a proper sleep and relaxation makes our skin to become healthy. Getting enough sleep can help the skin to be more healthy and smooth. Having enough sleep will help the skin to become soft. It also helps to improve the skin health. Having a good sleep will maintain the balance of the immune system.

4. Eat healthy food and keep your diet in balance 

To keep the skin soft and smooth eating healthy food is a must.  Like fresh fruits, vegetables and fish could be a big help to maintain a younger looking and feeling.Have enough sleep

5. Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly is good for our body it helps us to have a physically fit figure. Exercise is helpful to our body because it helps to regulate the circulation of the blood vessel. It also great for the lungs, heart, and mental outlook. Exercise regularly can beneficial to our skin, because it increases the amount of oxygen that carry to the skin. It also gives the skin to become more radiant glow and younger looking. It nourishes the skin and helps to lessen the bacteria that lead to breakouts. It minimizes the stress and anxiety.

6. We must drink water at least 8 glass a day

Drinking water at least 8 glass every day would be a big part of our body and to have a healthy glowing skin. It helps not to dehydrate the skin and minimize the dryness of it. Water helps clean all the toxins that cause inflammation and blemishes. It also prevents dehydration that creates more premature aging.healthy

7. Protect your skin from the sun

 If you let your skin stay longer to sunlight it will cause damage to our skin. It is better to use sunscreen to protect the skin from aging and wrinkles and irritation. It is also important to use sunglasses when going outdoors activities. Protecting your eyes from sunlight is necessary whenever you spend time outside in the light.

8. Avoid Alcohol and smoking

 Smoking and drinking are not good for the body and for the skin it has many factors that will result negative to our body. It dehydrates the skin and encourages the skin into so much damage.

9. Use creams or moisturizer that have Alpha-hydroxy acid to fight skin damage due to old age

When using moisturizer as our daily routine it is best if the moisturizer has alpha-hydroxy acid ingredients. Because alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) originally came from milk and fruits and it is helpful to our skin to stay firm and smooth. It also helps our skin to minimize wrinkles and other skin condition. Alpha-hydroxy acid is also good to exfoliate our skin. So it is best if the product we use has contained alpha-hydroxy acid. Maintaining good skin and healthy skin it is not just easy as we know there’s a lot of ways and procedure that we need to know if we want to have a smooth and young looking skin.creams

Tips on how natural home remedies help to get smooth skin

Lemon Juice

Using lemon juice is good to our skin also it is beneficial to our body health condition. Because lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, it helps to lighten dark spot and age spots. Using lemon juice can reduce some amount of oil in our face. Lemon juice has antioxidant and abundance of fruits acid and sugar, it is great for acting an exfoliant, remove blackhead, skin brightener and as a treatment for sunburn.


Hone is anti-inflammatory and can help the skin clean. It also antioxidants and can minimize the sign of aging. It is helpful to fight damage skin. Using honey can be a gentle exfoliator, pore cleanser, and an acne treatment. Honey has its own antibacterial and antifungal properties because of the presence of the enzymes that makes hydrogen peroxide. Honey can help protect the skin from unhealthy UV rays and facilitate the skin’s ability to rejuvenate.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can avoid anti-aging because it also has antioxidants. It helps the skin to become more radiant glow and elasticity. Olive oil can protect our skin into clogging. Using organic Olive oil at night can be a great replacement for moisturizer. Olive oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K. It moisturizes and fights bacteria that cause acne.


Cucumber gives us as best cooling effect on our skin. It cleans the skin and makes it soft, smooth. It helps to wash away the dark circle around the eyes. Cucumber juice also prevents the freckles and some dryness of the skin. It is also beneficial to our body by eating cucumber it the right way.


Milk is rich in copper, it can also protect our skin from wrinkles, sagging and age spots. It provides moisturizing to the skin. Milk has the ability to remove impurities and more amount oil in the skin. Milk cleanses dry skin and beneficial to remove makeups. It is also good for the health.milk


Tomatoes can help treat the pimples and blemishes. It also good for the body and stay our skin healthy. Tomatoes have lycopene and antioxidants. It has Vitamin A and vitamin C and vitamin K which can reduce acne. It fights anti-aging and helps the skin to keep firm and taut by adding collagen production. It also helps to develop skin circulation.tomatoe


Avocado is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin B6. It comes deeply into the skin and helps the skin to become more smooth and improve your skin from inside. Avocado is a natural treatment that many people use. It is also a source of vitamin E that boost the skin vitality and luminosity. It minimizes inflammation and stimulates the collagen production. It gives fine tone and texture of the skin.


Papaya is good for the skin because it has a natural enzyme and antibacterial healing abilities. It is beneficial for the skin whitening and helps to reduce blemishes and acne scars. It has potassium, carotene, magnesium, protein, fiber, and niacin ingredients. It improves skin tone and reduces wrinkles. Using papaya in a natural way can tightening and brightening the skin. It has alpha-hydroxy acid, it also contains papain which is best for anti-inflammatory. Papaya is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E and good for the body.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can use to remove acne and fine lines. It is effective remedies to maintain smooth facial skin. Aloe vera gel has essential properties that reduce skin inflammation. Aloe vera can be a makeup remover, an exfoliator, a night treatment, an eyebrow gel, and can be personal sanitizer. It also good to avoid hair loss.


Is good for the skin it protects the skin exterior irritants. It helps to soften and moisturize the skin. Oatmeal contains chemicals known as saponins, has anti-inflammatory, skin healing and antioxidant. It is beneficial for the health and helps weight loss.


Contains a lot of nutrients, potassium, Amino Acid, Zinc and Lectin, which is beneficial to the skin. It also has vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B6. It helps to retain the elasticity and it prevents from drying skin. It helps the skin to avoid from acne prone and from oiliness. It reduces breakouts. Using a banana as a face mask is beneficial to all types of skin. It softens the skin and gives healthy young looking.


It is effective to the skin and it removes dead spot cell of the skin. Yogurt has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that can minimize acne. It gives you the smooth skin. Yogurt can reduce fine line and wrinkles. The lactic acid of yogurt can help disappear dead skin and tighten pores. It also contains alpha hydroxy acid, vitamin D, calcium and full of protein. It fights acne skin, and lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  It also helps to moisturize skin and prevent premature aging. It also beneficial to our body.

Brown sugar scrub

Brown sugar can also good as exfoliation. It is effective to use because the skin gets smooth. It leaves your skin healthy and smooth after using it.

Cause of Skin from Damage

Lack of hydration

It is very important to hydrate our skin to keep away the dry and stretchy feeling from the skin. The skin cell needs to replenish for the skin to stay hydrated and to have a skin to become smooth and to become soft. So do not let yourself to take a small amount of water.


Smoking can cause our skin from many troubles and can dry the skin and look like two times of our age if we smoke. The cigarette is bad for the health and its nor really good for the body. It affects the heart and blood vessel. Smoking can damage your looks and ruin your appearance and you can give you a very dry and dull skin.

Sun damage

If we over exposure to the sun our skin can damage and suffered from irritation. The sun ultraviolet (UV) light damage the fiber skin called elastin. Sun exposure can damage premature wrinkles, sags, and easy bruising. Over expose to the sun can change the texture and decrease the elasticity of the skin. Sun exposure may also cause visible changes attributed to aging. It also affects all layers of the skin.

Bad eating habits

The skin needs different nutrients and those fast food lovers are not good for the skin. Lack of vitamins can lead the skin formation into wrinkles and early ages. Also, lack of healthy food we take can lessen our energy level and can give our health from risk to many disease skin problems.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can give more existing skin condition. It increases skin sensitivity and irritation. It also increases inflammatory cells in the body that influence to the breakout of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Not have enough sleep can result of less beauty and can accelerate the aging process. It gives so much stress and the result is the dullness of your skin. It also affects the appearance of the skin and it dehydrates the skin.

Tips on how to have a healthy skin

Face cleansing

Cleaning your face is necessary especially if you wear makeup. Clean your face so that all the dirt and makeup from the skin will remove. We need to clean or wash our face daily to avoid all the negative effect of not having a clean face. Our face needs to be cleaned to have skin to relax and all chemicals and makeup will remove.

Exfoliating face

All the healthy skin tips say that you should exfoliate your face. Exfoliation will get rid all your dead cell skin that may cause clogged and will lead to acne breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads. Exfoliating is good to all types of the skin.

Eat proper food to get healthy skin

Eat the right food with the right diet will stay and maintain the skin healthy and smooth. like:

Food that is rich in Vitamin C:

Food with vitamin C includes fruits and vegetables can improve the appearance of the skin. Vitamin C also has antioxidant that prevent collagen damage.

Food that is rich in Vitamin A:

All red, orange and green leafy veggies are rich sources of beta-carotene (vitamin A) It helps the skin surface to stay smooth and touchable. Vitamin A is the active form of retinal, retinol, and retinoic acid, and another provitamin A carotenoids. Having Vitamin A to our body can benefit our skin from:

  • Sunlight or UV rays that damage and slow signs of aging
  • Skin to be healthy and our skin cell production
  • Protection against infection
  • Having an even skin tone and glowing skin
  • It lessens acne skin

Healthy Fats

Nuts are filled with omega 3 fatty acid. Fish is also rich in omega 3 fats. Healthy fats are salmon, sea foods, meat, and butter. Also coconut oil, egg, avocado, and dark chocolate are rich in fats.


Drinking enough water can internally hydrate our body, but using moisturizer can feed our skin to become smooth and more healthy. Moisturize our self daily is a routine to keep our skin hydrated and to maintain its glowing skin.

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