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How to Avoid Skin Aging

When we get older we can’t stop the time for us not to be old or not to look old. We see the lines on our face sign of aging. That’s why moisturizer will help our skin to prevent from aging and improve skin from damage.

All of us face the truth we all get older and that’s making us feel conscious about what we look. Moisturizer products also help the skin to protect from barrier skin surface and give the skin smooth and soft feeling.

Our skin needs hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin to regulate the arrangement of dermal tissue.

Cause of Skin Ageing

There are many of causes of skin ageing that we must know and can help us to avoid if we have knowledge.

Sun exposure

Too much exposed to sunlight is not healthy to our skin and it will cause our skin to be more prone from aging this will happen if we let our skin especially our face to direct exposure to the sun. It damages the skin through sun exposure in a very long period of time to the UV rays or Photoaging.

Exposure to sunlight in a very long time can also source of wrinkles and age spots. The sun ultraviolet (UV) light is not good for the skin because it will damage the fibers in the skin called elastin.  The skin starts to sag, stretch and loses the ability to back to its normal form when elastin breakdown.

Too much exposure to sunlight may also cause freckles, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and elastosis. Elastosis means the destruction of elastin and collagen tissue that cause lines, wrinkles and sagging of the skin.


When we get older our skin becomes dry, thinner, and less elastic that can protect the skin from damage, it is the beginning that we see wrinkles in every part of our skin face.

If the skin starts to lose its ability to hold on to moisturizer and make less oil it will cause wrinkles and the skin looks dry and dull.

Having a wrinkle may give us many problems. Especially facial muscle contraction or facial expression can make these to become wrinkles more prominent.

Lack of Sleep

If we are lack of sleep it can also cause skin aging it build some lines and dryness of the skin if we have a little bit sleep and no time to sleep at least 8 hours.

Having not enough sleep will breakouts the skin cell. Sleep deprivation can source to lower the immune system and leave your body open to many bacteria.

If we sleep in no time and we let our self not having at least 8 hours of sleep can tend to get more skin aging and your body will decrease the production of hormones and tissue. It also added more stress when you have enough sleep.

If we have enough sleep it also causes depression that leads to affect the skin to more prone to aging and fine lines.


When we smoke our skin become prone to aging because it contained nicotine and toxic chemical that is not good for the body. It damages the regulation of collagen and elastin to the skin.

Smoking is not good for the production of the collagen. Collagen is the central part of the skin structure. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, which displaces oxygen to the skin.

Smoking can destroy the appearance of the skin.

  • you can see some eye bags under the eyes
  • cigarettes contain nicotine and it affects our teeth and leave it to strain
  • it causes premature aging and wrinkles
  • smoking also not good to our fingers and nails
  • smoking gives us dullness of our skin.


We all know that pollution will give us more causes and problem to our skin. So it is better that we know how to avoid pollution that can trigger the release of damage of the skin. Pollution can also increase the fine lines of the skin and stimulate stress that results of aging.

Every day especially when we’re going outside we are facing with air pollution and toxic chemicals that can cause age spots, premature fine lines, and wrinkles, and sag and bagging.

What we can get in pollution it damages our skin that’s the global problem. The ozone can diminish antioxidants from the skin. Air pollution can also damage our health and can cause skin diseased. Air pollution can give our sensitive skin more active.


Lack of Nutrition

The food we take as we get older is important to our skin. We should not take too much food that will cause dryness or fine lines of our skin, will could not get the right vitamins and nutrition on eating too much food with no proper diet.

When you eat food that not healthy too much waste product will stay in your body and it helps to break down red blood cell.

Some food we take without proper diet can cause inflammation, like refined sugar, white flour, and excessive dairy products can easily create inflammation in the body that causes skin aging. This kind of food will not healthy and it suffers our internal organs from inflammation.

If we are underweight or overweight it cannot help our physical body to be healthy because it can reduce the natural fats in the facial structure which can cause the skin from sagging and can add the appearance of wrinkles.

People who don’t eat healthy food and don’t care what they take even if it’s not healthy will certainly develop wrinkles, dry skin, and other skin problems.


How to Avoid Skin Ageing

How to Avoid Skin Ageing
Many women now a day is cautious in terms of health and the way they look especially when women at the age of 30 years above. And they notice that their skin get a little bit lines on their face. That’s why using moisturizer has a big factor in our daily life. Anti-aging moisturizer is the best moisturizer to help the skin and improve the skin to be smooth and help the skin lessen the aging skin. It prevents wrinkles and dryness of the skin. Here is some way to avoid our skin from aging.

  • Protect your skin from sunlight. Using moisturizer will secure our skin from UV rays that can damage skin and minimize skin glow. Using a moisturizer with SPF is better for the protection skin from sunlight.
  • When we get older it is better if we apply a moisturizer that has ingredients for anti-aging.
  • Eat the right food with proper diet. Healthy food can protect our body to become more strong and have a longer life. Having a healthy body means taking the right food with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamin  A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and protein.
  • Always clean the skin with the right soap and right cleanser for our daily routine. Washing our face and applying facial toner is the best way to avoid the skin from aging. Also, exfoliate the skin can help to fight dead skin and renew skin cell.
  • Do not smoke and have a proper sleep. If we avoid smoking the skin becomes smooth and our body becomes more healthy and prone to some skin problem.  Have a proper sleep every day with the help our body to relax.

How important enough sleep to the body:

  1. Having enough sleep can stay our body healthy
  2. Enough sleep can lower the risk for many serious problems
  3. Sleep in a proper way can reduce stress and improve mood
  4. Having enough sleep will minimize us from many sicknesses
  • Proper exercise will also help our skin to reduce dullness and skin from aging. Exercise help nourishes skin cell and keeps them vital.

If we exercise daily it can also benefit our cardiovascular. It stimulates healthy circulation of the blood flow and its best for the heart, lungs, and mental outlook. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to work well with the body and skin.

Regular exercise can help wash away so much waste products, including free radicals from the cell.

  • Stop stressing yourself. So much stress plays a major part of the health of our skin. Stress can cause rashes our skin from any skin damage.
  • Water need our body and it is the most important factor that will help our skin from drying and lessen the chance to have wrinkles. Water removes toxins and waste products from the body. Drinking enough water is important to carry all the nutrients from the food we eat and carry, it stimulates nutrients to the cell by circulating through the lymphatic system.

Water is necessary to maintain the moisture of the skin and replenish the skin tissue to strengthen the elasticity. It is also treating our skin from aging. It keeps the skin well hydrated and helps to enhance the skin appearance.

  • Ask dermatologist and seek advice for the right protection for the skin especially to those who get older, to reduce the fine lines of the skin.
  • Regular facial cleansing will help the skin to be soft and can minimize the dead skin and chemical that will cause wrinkles
  • Regular use of moisturizer product with Hyaluronic Acid, Glycine-Saponin, and Coenzyme Q10, will improve the skin appearance.


Benefits Using Moisturizer to Skin Ageing

Benefits using moisturizer to skin aging can help to maintain the skin into damage, dryness, wrinkles and fine lines. Getting older will not stop us to have a healthy skin and to take good care of it. If we know some method and know how to use the right product for our skin.

First, moisturize your skin twice a day. Morning and night. It will keep the skin clean, soft and free from fine lines and clog.

Always exfoliate your skin once a week with some facial scrub that is gentle to be used to take away all the dead skin and make your skin look young and healthy.

Be very careful of choosing the right moisturizer that good for anti-aging skin. It protects the skin from irritation and gets rid of wrinkles.

A moisturizer that contains antioxidant will shield your skin from the sun and help to repair natural skin.

Using moisturizer cream for eye patches and putting face mask on the face can help improve the appearance and dullness of the skin

Some home remedies that useful for skin aging

  • Using Aloe vera is helpful. And naturally, aloe vera can easily lessen the pimples, acne and oily skin. It strengthens the skin elasticity and decreases the fine lines and wrinkles of the skin. It improves to stay longer the moisture of collagen of the skin.Some home remedies that useful for skin aging
  • Olive Oil one of the most effective natural oil because it helps the pore clogging. It nourishes the skin and it is rich in vitamins A and E. It has antioxidant that keep your skin in hydration. It gives you a good skin young and healthy.Some home remedies that useful for skin aging
  • Using egg white as your natural home remedies will replenish your skin into wrinkles. It gives your skin a better shining and smooth appearance by using egg white mask. Egg white is rich in potassium, magnesium, and protein. It moisturizes and balances the damage of the skin.Some home remedies that useful for skin aging
  • Lemon Juice is a big help to our skin because it removes tan and sunburn. It is rich in citric acid that helps to exfoliate dead skin cell and impurities. It boosts the glow in the skin.
  • Honey is good and helpful for those who have dry skin because it can help to nourish the skin and keep moisture loss. It stimulate the cell to lessen the spotlight of skin and pigmentation scars.

Sign of Skin Ageing

Some home remedies that useful for skin agingThere are many signs of skin aging. One of them is getting old, that most of us going through and we know we can’t stop the time for us not to be old. It starts under our eyes that have fine lines and wrinkles. It decrease our skin volume when getting old and sees it around the eyes and lines near the mouth.

We can see that the outer corner of our eyes appears some fine lines and also we can see it on our cheeks and forehead.

The composition of our skin changes at the age of 25 above. It shows many lines on our face when time passes by. Skin becomes rougher and more dryer.

Our skin can be weaker and easily bruised because the blood vessel wall becomes thinner when we grow old.

When we get older the elasticity and gravity of the skin lose its firmness and can be the sign of aging it usually starts at the age of 30 above. You will see some fine lines on your forehead of skin above the root of the nose and under the cheeks jaw.

How to Prevent Skin from Aging

Healthy food. Eating healthy foods is the best that we can give to our body. It gives many nutrients to the body and maintains good health and lots of energy. Fresh, healthy foods contain vitamin antioxidants that can gain help protect against free radical damage.

A topical food with exfoliant can remove dead skin cell, which improves skin texture, unclog pores, and makes skin moisturizers better.

Prevent your skin stay longer from the sun because the sun ages the skin more than anything else. Using and wearing sunscreen with SPF can protect the skin aging.

Just don’t smoke and don’t drink too much alcohol for us to have a younger looking skin and it will prevent our skin from aging.

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